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ajiacn EMF protective mask AJ103LX

Name: Anti electromagnetic radiation mask
Style: Short, Long
Brand: ajacn
Size: One size fits all
Colors: pink, light blue, light purple, silver gray
Ingredients: Outer layer 1: Metal fiber+cotton+polyester fiber, inner layer of mulberry silk
Outer layer 2: 50% nylon (containing silver), inner layer of mulberry silk
Outer layer 3: 100% nylon (including silver), inner layer: silkworms
  • Commodity name: ajiacn EMF protective mask AJ103LX
  • Shielding cloth testing frequency band/shielding effectiveness
    100% nylon (including silver): 0.009MHz-40GHz
    Shielding efficiency:  100% nylon (including silver) up to 69.2dB

    SIZE DESCRIPTION (UNIT: CM) *Pure manual measurement, there may be an error of 1-2CM, which is normal, please understand!

    Mask size chart




    Short one-size-fits-all



    Long one-size-fits-all




    Recommended usage environment

    emf shielding work clothes are recommended for daily office use, high-speed rail, small monitoring rooms, various military radar stations, electronic countermeasures, wireless communication base stations, civil aviation, meteorology, public security, highways, intelligent building monitoring rooms, electromagnetic compatibility laboratories, 5G communication, new energy vehicles, railway communication maintenance, etc.

    Washing and maintenance precautions

    When nylon (containing silver) fabric is exposed to the air, due to the reaction between silver and oxygen, the fabric will appear black or yellow, which is normal (real silver will oxidize in the air). It has little impact on the shielding effect and can be used with confidence. To reduce oxidation caused by improper washing, it is recommended not to wear it close to the body. It can be worn with a base coat. When not in use, it is recommended to seal and store it.

    Washing instructions:

    1. Suggest washing with well water, mineral water, purified water, or cold white water; (Reason: Some tap water contains chloride ions. If the chloride ions exceed the standard, they are prone to chemical reactions with silver, thus reducing the damage of chlorine gas to silver.)

    2. Soak an appropriate amount of neutral laundry detergent and laundry detergent for a short period of time; (Do not use acidic laundry detergent or laundry detergent)

    3. Do not rub or machine wash, do not bleach. After washing clothes, do not twist them. Lift them directly from the water and hang them in a ventilated and dry room to avoid direct sunlight. It is not recommended to iron them

    4. It is recommended to wash as little or no as possible to prevent improper washing from affecting the shielding effect

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